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LIXENER30 is a highly sensitive acoustic system that is specifically designed for detecting water leaks in underground and under-floor pipes.

Underground water leak detection

LIXENER30 provides all necessary means to locate underground water leaks quickly and precisely in metal and plastic pipes, even deep underground.

LIXENER30 enables reliable and effective leak detection under various floor types and in walls with minimal noise interference.

LIXENER30 is a versatile system that is also can be used for continuous and long duration monitoring of leaks over extended periods of time.

The system provides a 5-step gain selection for optimal leak signal amplification. Multiple filters cut environmental noise to a minimum while maximizing sensitivity for accurate leak detection. Wireless headsets enable easy and comfortable use of the system. The device is equipped with audio output, extending its use for a long-term leak monitoring.

LIXENER30 acoustic sensor allows great sensitivity with minimal noise interference from the surrounding environment. A versatile set of accessories, including a tripod, rods, magnetic foot, and others, allows for effective use of the sensor on different surfaces, including soil, grass, concrete slabs, metal pipes, and more.

LIXENER30 Specifications


Five selections

Sound intensity meter



0 – 10 kHz

Bandpass filters

Selectable: 30-500 Hz, 200-800 Hz, 400-1000 Hz

Notch filters

50 and 60 Hz


Bluetooth V4.2


Wireless (Bluetooth 5.1).
Active noise canceling function.
Up to 10 meters connection distance.
Play time of 5-30 hours (ANC off) and 12-15 hours (ANC on).
USB C-Type port for charging (charger is not included).
Charging time is about 1.5 hours.
Size 67 x 196.5 x 81.7 mm.

Device power

Replaceable Li-Ion 3.7v 3000mAh 18650 battery (1 unit, not included). The duration of continuous battery operation is about 5 hours.

Device charging

Charger: 5 volts, 2 Amp
USB type C charging port (charger is not included).
It is recommended to recharge the battery every 2 weeks.

Operational temperature range

-10°C to 50°C


Audio (PL 3.5 mm stereo) wired headsets output.
BNC female output for signal monitoring.

Device dimensions

200 x 100 x 40 mm

Device weight

400 grams

Case dimensions

350 x 280 x 130 mm

Weight of the system in the case

2.92 kg

Lixener 30 Acoustic Leak detector

Excluding VAT
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