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This underground pipe can be used as a basic component in any underground drainage installation. Each pipe comes with plain or single socketed ends, to fit smoothly into different components. Use it with our range of pipe coupling bends, secure sockets and inspection covers to construct a dependable, smooth-flowing system.
The pipe is made from plastic that shouldn't require any maintenance – ideal for things you are installing underground. It has a 110 mm or 160mm diameter, the most widely used sizes for underground drainage, so it should connect easily with existing systems when needed.
If you’re building a new installation you’ll need planning permission before you connect new drains into the sewers, so it’s useful to know the pipe meets all current requirements for underground drainage. It’s manufactured to BS4660/EN1401-1 and meets all relevant building regulations.
• 110mm or 160mm diameter
• Manufactured to BS4660/EN1401-1

DW Underground Pipe

PriceFrom £10.99
Excluding VAT
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